The consultation on some actual problems of transport law took place on February the 6th 2020 in our Office. The next consultation planned for September is cancelled because of COVID. Interested partners will be informed about the new date in due time.

„Law of Damages and Insurence”

In the issue 2020/II of the periodical „Law of Damages and Insurance” (available on the homepages and a study deals with involving professional questions in judical discretion and another one with liability insurance of lawyers and notaries. The section on judicial praxis presents important judgements made in the second quarter of the year concerning law of damages and insurance, while in the section „Not Published Decesions” judgements from the praxis of colleagues are presented. In the section „News and Announcements” reports on events corcerning law of damages and insurance are to be read. We draw your kind attention also to publications on some legal questions of COVID.

The editor in chief of the periodical is the leader of our Office, dr. Peter Bárdos.


The publication of the study of the leader of our Office on liability of forwarders is expected to be published by the HVG ORAC in summer 2020. The study deals with solution of frequent liability situations in different transport modalities.

The second edition of the book written by our collegaue Cecília Bárdos with the title „Flea Market of Thoughts” has been published in 2018 by the publisher „Novum”. Further works of the author can be found in the Novum’s Antologies 2., 5., 7. and 8., as well as in 9. (in preparation).