Dr. Péter Bárdos lawyer

Teaching activity 
  • between 1975 and 2010 in the frame of the Eötvös Loránd University Postgradual Law School in the field of  legal informatics und commercial law, between 2003 and 2010 as leader of the postgradual course "Commercial Law"
  • since 1985 in the Civil Law Department of  Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Law - since 2000 as professor h.c. - in different fields of civil law and commercial law
  • several seminars in Hungary and in abroad
  • Introduction into Legal Cybernetics (co-author: Dr.Bárdos Péterné - Közgazdasági és Jogi Könyvkiadó, Budapest 1981)
  • English-American Legal Language (co-author: Mag.Franz Hedinger, Andrea Hubalek HVG-ORAC Budapest,1996)
  • English-American Legal Language. Second enlarged and revised edition (co-authors: Dr.Rita Bárdos, Mag.Franz Heidinger, Andrea Hubalek HVG-ORAC Budapest, 1998)
  • Damage Liability in the Hungarian Civil Code (HVG-ORAC Budapest, 2001)
  • Company Foundation and Investment in the European Community (co-authers: Dr. Gabriel Lansky HVG-ORAC 2004)
  • German-Austrian Legal Language (co-authors: Dr. Rita Bárdos, Dr. Kathrin Höfer HVG-ORAC 2004)
  • Commercial Law (co-author: Dr. Attila Menyhárd HVG-ORAC 2008)
  • Introduction in the Commercial Law (HVG-ORAC 2015)
  • Some Questions of Risk-increase in the Practice of West-German Insurers (Biztosítási Szemle Budapest, 1969/7)
  •  Warranty Risk in the Liability Property Insurance Modalities for Private Persons (Biztosítási Szemle Budapest 1970/5)
  • Gross Negligence in Insurance Contracts (Magyar Jog Budapest, 1971/11-12)
  • Some Problems of Assignment by Law of Insurers (Biztosítási Szemle Budapest, 1972/9)
  • Some Problems of  Forwarder's liability in the International Forwarding (Biztosítási Szemle Budapest,1974/3)
  • Some Principle Problems of Cybernetic Methods for Solving Legal Problems (co-author dr.Bárdos Péterné -Jogtudományi Közlöny Budapest, 1974/239-245)
  • Legal and Cybernetic Analysis of Legal Problems by means of Cybernetic Methods (co-author dr.Bárdos Péterné - Jogtudományi Közöny Budapest,1975/9-30)
  • The Structure of Thinking in Solving Legal Problems (Jogtudományi Közlöny Budapest, 1975/63-82)
  • Application of Decision Tables for Analysing Legal Problems (co-author dr.Bárdos Péterné, Ügyvitel és Szervezés az Államigazgatásban, Budapest, 1975/2)
  • Einige theoretische Probleme von für Lösung von Rechtsfällen angewandten kybernetischen Methoden (co-author dr.Bárdos Péterné, Forscung aus Staat und Recht, Springer Verlag 1978)
  • Experiment for Analysing Legal Cases by means of Matematical Methods. Determination of Childcare Allowance by Learning Algorithmus (co-authors dr.Bárdos Péterné, Gulyás Ottó, Jogtudományi Közlöny Budapest, 1979/5)
  • Principal Basis of Cybernetic Methods Applied for Solving Legal Problems (co-author dr.Bárdos Péterné, Jogtudományi Közlöny Budapest,1975/5)
  • Interdependances between Law and Logics (Jogtudományi Közlöny Budapest, 1981/10)
  • Remarks to the Methodology of Law (Jogtudományi Közlöny Budapest, 1988/5)
  • Principal Problems of the Company Act (Gazdaság és Jog Budapest, 1993/1)
  • On Basic Principles of Trade Law (Gazdaság és Jog Budapest, 1996/9)
  • Remarks to the Capital on Damage Liability of the Proposal (Civil Law Codification 2002/5-6)
  • Business Law Renaissance (Gazdaság és Jog 2006/8)
  • Impacts of Europaen Law on Hungarian Civil Law (Jogtudományi Közlöny 2006/9)
  • Legal Conditions of  Business Activity of Foreigners in Hungary (Gazdaság és Jog 2008/12)