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Dr. Péter Bárdos Law Office

Dr. Péter Bárdos


He is expert for foreign trade and international forwarding. He has started his lawyer’s practice after an activity for several years as company lawyer in the field of international trade und transport and a five-year period of work in Vienna. After returning home he has been involved in the teaching activity of the University Eötvös Loránd and is being active in different fields of the commercial and civil law as honorary professor of the University. In his law fields he has published several books and studies. Latest he has been dealing with basic problems of commercial law and questions of law of damages.

He is leader of the Working Group for Law of Damages of the Insurance Section of the Hungarian Lawyer’s Association, and general editor of the periodical Law of Damages and Insurance.

Cecília Bárdos

Chief of Administration

As mathematician she worked at companies specialized to organization and education. From 1970 she has been dealt with methods of legal informatics. She has been working in the Office from its foundation and is responsible for financial and administrative topics as well as for analyzing in cooperation with Claim Data Ltd. the court-praxis in the field of damages and non-pecuniary damage.

Dr. Péter Miklós Bárdos

Lawyer’s Assistant

After having graduated as sport manager, he studied in the Law of Faculty of the University Széchenyi István Győr. He has been participating in the activity of the Office from 2000. His special fields of activity: law of real assets, sport law, transport law

Eszter Tóth


She graduated in 2003 as teacher of Hungarian language and history and has been member of the office from 2003. She is responsible for the E-administration and is also as assistant of the management active.